Monday, February 09, 2015

The robin's song

I don't remember reading in literature about the song of the robin. 
Now as the light creeps in earlier, I am beginning to pick out voices celebrating the new day.  High in the holly outside our bedroom there is the bare branch of a rogue Ena Harkness rose, a favourite perch for the robin which lives in our garden.  What a voice for one so small!  Such a robust song, which falls in deliberate phrases.  What does it mean, I wonder?  Probably a chiding that we are not out digging worms!
The photo above is from a country diary article here, and you can hear the robin here.


  1. What a little beauty! We have two regularly visiting our bird feeders - amicably so far.

  2. We have lots of birds here, but far fewer than when we first came 25 years ago, unfortunately. Only the pigeons have increased in number - mostly I think because the farmers have stopped having pigeon shoots.