Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The fascination of walls

Today I have been entranced by Roman wall-building.  In the online archaeology course this week the main subject is how excavation is carried out, but this section on wall building is going to distract me a while, I think.
The photos below are all copyright the University of Southampton, whose course this is, and were taken by Hembo Pagi.  I think they look absolutely beautiful.
Here is an interesting page on Roman building techniques and their descriptions.


  1. No wonder you're entranced, these walls are just wonderful, so intricate but simple, and so beautiful. Seeing your post made me smile: I have just finished my second reading of Ali Smith's How to be Both, and walls are a small, but recurring theme, mentioned with humour. A wonderful read - she is trying to change the way fiction works and reading it was a real delight.

  2. Oh, I look forward to reading that. I have it on my Kindle, and it is next on my list for bedtime.

  3. What wonderfully contrasting pattern and texture you have shown here! I'm particularly entranced by the little repeating and diminishing diamond shape in the second photo.

  4. The Romans were brilliant builders, as I learned from the "living Latin" part of my Latin language courses in school. To think so much of it - the bridges and roads and aqueducts, survive to this day, many still in use. It puts to shame our throwaway building mentality here in the US. Gosh, that stadium is all of 20 years old - it needs to be torn down and replaced!