Friday, February 13, 2015

Proofs and crops

I have cut the first lino block, along with a block for a background layer, and have just printed a few proofs.  They seem OK so far, and so I shall go on to think of colours and a base layer of chine collé.  Meanwhile the proofs are dying nicely on my new rack - leaving my surfaces free for other work.
Also today I rescued some work which was put aside a while ago.  When I was experimenting with carborundum and drypoint I did not quite get this particular visual idea right - and did not manage to get back to it.  I had thought that I would have to abandon the prints, but in looking through my files today something made me try out another idea.
If in doubt, crop - is barely second to my primary dictum: if in doubt, don't.  So crop I did, and I did a bit of digital combining too, and out of four trials which were not expected to go further than being lessons I have got two possibles. 
There is still a fair bit of digital work to do on them, but I now have something I like.