Friday, February 20, 2015

Printmaking progress

Birdie (lino and digital)
This is a mix of experiments. 
I started with a simple outline drawing of the woman and the bird.
Not sure what I wanted as a background - certainly something more than just something coloured. 
Perhaps branches.
I wanted also to print on tissue paper which had been covered with pastel in colours which had been influenced by the Roman bricks I have been looking at in the archaeology course.  But I also wanted to use a commercial tissue paper which I received round a present.
I started printing the background onto the pastel papers,
and onto a collage of the commercial tissue.  After the background layer prints were dry I printed the top layer.  Unfortunately the collage of commercial tissue started coming apart after printing.  The other prints worked - more or less, but I really wanted to try the wildflower greens. 
I had taken photos of all the background prints as well as of the final layer prints in order to be able to collage digitally. 
I did not want the branches to be too definite, and so I chose one of the 'least successful' prints.  And I must say that I like the result so far.  Now it goes into the back burner for further pondering.


  1. It was fascinating to see your process here as you experiment ... and I'm particularly interested in how you combine lino with digital printing - not something I've tried at all. It has given me a new approach to try with a piece I'm working up at the moment.

  2. Thanks, Margaret. The combining is very much the core of how I like to work to produce my images, whether it is lino print, pencil drawing, photograph, or digital drawing. This is a preliminary experimental stage, so I have used photographs of the lino prints, loaded into the computer, and combined using tools in the Painter program to create a new file.

    When I am ready to go ahead - and the lino prints are dry - I shall scan the actual prints into the computer, and repeat the combining exercise, bearing in mind whatever thoughts pop into my mind in the meantime.

    There is no physical print of the combination at this point - just a digital file which is pictured here. The resolution of my photographs, as well as the fact that the snaps were hastily acquired, is not good enough for anything other than a play around.