Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The early bird

Birds enter my consciousness first each morning: the many songs outside which break the night's silence are joined by our timed radio which begins with Tweet of the day on BBC Radio 4.  But the early bird whose appearance I most anticipate is that of the wren which I see skittering around just outside the window when we are having breakfast.
My favourite illustrative rendering of the wren is in a Robin Tanner etching which also includes the Spring flowers which here have already been flowering since the end of December: primroses.
Wren and primrose (1935) from here
I am also very fond of Madeleine Floyd's quirky paintings of birds - we very much enjoyed using the mugs with her birds and their eggs when we were on holiday last year.  Here is her wren from here:


  1. I too am fond of Madeleine Floyd's birds - so full of the movement and character of each bird - and we had a set of 4 of the mugs bought from the National Trust - till I broke one, sadly!

  2. Our self catering place in Aberdeenshire had the bird mugs, and we really enjoyed using them.

  3. The wren, so small, so quick, so light ... turns out it weighs 10-12 grams, or is comparable (according to http://www.garden-birds.co.uk/birds/wren.htm) to a £1 coin ... whereas a goldcrest is comparable to a 20p coin ... half the weight of a wren. Though the comparison to coins isn't helpful imho because the lowest denomination isn't necessarily the lightest coin. (Like you, I'm experiencing distraction from what needs to be got on with!)