Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still occupied with reading

All this intensive reading has spurred another design for lino cutting.  This is provisionally titled Near the end.
Yesterday I finished reading Cultural Threads edited by Jessica Hemmings.  I found it to be an excellent, enlightening collection of writings about artists from a variety of origins around the world who use textile in their practice, and what it is to use traditional design in contemporary work.  It is thoroughly thought-provoking.
Ever since I went to see the Turner late works exhibition I have felt the need to find out more about this artist.  I  have passed all these years being aware of his work, of course, but not really knowing much about it.  So, my next daytime serious heavy (in weight) reading is starting with Turner in his time by Andrew Wilton.


  1. The addition of the glasses on your traditionally blank face is the perfect touch. The pose is one I've struck myself while reading. This is a good one.

  2. Thank you Sheila. I do wear spectacles for reading, and have spent quite some time sitting thus recently.

  3. I also love the addition of the glasses - perfect.

    Although, obviously it is a little fictionalised, and not a critique of his work, I really do recommend the film, MR Turner, it's beautifully shot, Timothy Spall is brilliant as Turner and I think it would be a nice compliment to a serious exploration of his work

  4. Thanks Sarah. Yes, the film is on our Lovefilm wish list, and I look forward to seeing it. The time it take to get onto DVD will give me time to do a bit of reading first.

  5. I love this contemplative, absorbed pose and, has already been said, the glasses encapsulate the focus of the woman as she reads ... definitely a 'keeper'?

  6. Thanks Margaret. I have been working more on it today, preparing to cut a background for it in a different colour. I should really have been finishing sorting my new workspace, or getting on with my current quilt, or ....

    1. Ah ... sorting the new workspace. What is it about the turn of the year? I have new shelves and storage and should be filling them and tidying the mess of last year but I tell myself I need time for the thoughts and the order to percolate onto the shelves ... that's what I tell myself ...