Saturday, January 10, 2015


Thinking about the Rembrandt exhibition reminded me of another of my favourite paintings, in front of which I spent a great deal of time during my university years: Velazquez's An Old Woman Cooking Eggs in the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.  Not only are the hands beautiful, but I was particularly drawn to the whites  - the contrast between the different materials portrayed, and the exquisite distinction between the white fabrics round the old woman's face. 


  1. A beautiful painting indeed, and one I don't recall.

    This discussion of hands in art reminds me of the hours and years spent studying them in life drawing classes in art school. I shudder to think how poorly I would do it today from lack of practice.

  2. Marja-Leena, it is a sad truth that often great paintings held in 'provincial' galleries are somewhat neglected.
    Hands have always interested me - but I agree that they are devilish difficult to capture.

  3. I certainly think so too, Eirene