Saturday, January 24, 2015

Passing distraction

Dorothea Tanning: Eine kleine Nachtmusic (from here)
Despite the fact that I am facing a couple of deadlines, my mind seems to take pleasure in dragging me down passages of distraction.  I recently was reminded of the above painting with which I was immediately smitten many years ago, and of which I was reminded recently in this articleDorothea Tanning was a remarkable artist, and much underlauded, and certainly should have considerable comment, had I more time to spare - but, in this case despite my busy-ness I could not get the image out of my mind, ... so I let it lead to this hasty doodle so that I could get on with more pressing matters.
Ghost story - as it may well develop into a piece of work.  Another contributory distraction is that I am thinking about short stories also at present.

Now - I must get on with ....


  1. Tanning's painting has always fascinated me too, Olga, and like you, I enjoyed the article in the Guardian. I also like your 'doodle' a lot and I hope you can develop it further when the time is right.

    Totally unrelated, but seeing this article
    in the Guardian, made me think that you might enjoy it too. I know Barbara and this made it even more poignant.

    1. Glad you like the doodle, Eirene. Thank you for the link - I never read the Family section. The patchwork shirt comforters are a lovely memory for them to have.

  2. What a dramatic and atmospheric doodle! Deliciously suggestive of an unexplainable presence ...

  3. Oh thank you for the pause. I had never seen this painting or an image of it. Very striking.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  4. Dorothea Tanning's work is extraordinary - she worked over a long timespan, and covered painting and sculpture. Having seen this painting once, I've never forgotten it.