Friday, January 16, 2015

A definite longing ...

to be in Clinton, New Jersey, U.S.A!  Well, more specifically at the Hunterdon Museum, where at present there is an exhibition of weavings, including the wondrous work of Wlodzimierz Cygan. The image above is from their website.
I have been entranced by his pieces for some years now, and have always had a strong desire to see them for real.  I love the way that he works off the conventional rectangle, as shown here:
Both of the above images come from here.  Even incomplete I find that his work is beautiful.  And now he is working with fibre optics - another longing of mine.  (Ah, if we had but more than one lifetime!)  Cygan was inspired by the work of Astrid Kogh, and many of his glowing pieces can be seen on his website
 Taken from here.
A small consolation - as ever, sigh - is that there is to be a book, Contemporary International Tapestry soon (a deal kinder both to the planet and my pocket, but there is still the longing to see the work for real).


  1. His work is indeed stunning and I too wish I could go visit the exhibition. Something about it made me think of Magdalena Abakanowicz' early textile sculptures, maybe a Polish sensibility.

  2. Marja-Leena, I agree about MA's early work - I think that perhaps not only the Polish connection, but also the form, shape, the left-field take on an otherwise well-trodden path. The curves!

  3. How inspiring this post is ... I have pre-ordered the book and will follow up the other links later today. If I had that other life you mention, investigating unconventional approaches to weaving would be my focus I think I admire the formal, rectangular, beautiful woven forms but all that counting and planning does not appeal!

  4. Margaret, I hope that you enjoy Cygan's website: there's lots to see there!

  5. I would say that he is totally different from Abakanowicz (mostly because of delicacy and intricacy of his weavings clearly seen even in the biggest artworks) but it may be my Polish perspective, where the followers and epigons of MA are quite popular :)
    And yes, I highly recommend seeing Cygan's works live!

  6. Thank you Bozena. One day perhaps!