Friday, December 05, 2014

Winter sunshine

On Wednesday I met a friend for lunch at the Polly Tearooms in the delightfully attractive small town of Marlborough.  It's over an hour's drive away, and so I was pleased that the sun decided to shine, making my route even more pleasant than normal.  It is a route of vistas and not much traffic - always a plus!
The river Kennet runs through the town, and I enjoyed watching the ripples,
the reflections,
and the water fowl.
Marlborough is a market town, and Wednesday is market day.  The High Street is reputedly one of the widest in the land, but unfortunately that means that the stall holders' large vehicles can be accommodated alongside their stalls: ugly.  But it was too sunny to bother me for long.  There was so much else to delight the eye.
I have known the Polly Tearooms since the 70s, and always enjoyed going there.  I have not been for some time recently, however, and had seen an adverse review online - but I can report that it is better than ever.  Clean, bright, welcoming service, good food, and we never felt rushed as we chatted.
I had been apprehensive about parking, about Christmas crush, ... but it turned out to be one of those glorious days which is full of joy.


  1. Days like this are what it's all about....

  2. Sounds like a fun day!

    I recall being driven through that fascinating sounding town on our Ancient Britain tour several years ago. Our guide had such interesting stories/histories about it that I wished there had been time to stop there!

  3. Yes, Eirene: life-enhancing.

    Marja-Leena, Marlborough is just a few miles from Avebury. It is a historically rich area.

  4. We live fairly close to Marlborough and visit the lovely little town quite often. For me too Polly's Tearooms has seen many good meetings for lunch - and wicked cakes!
    These days are so precious.

  5. Margaret, in my publishing days, when I sometimes had foreign friends staying, I always took them to Marlborough/Polly's as well as Avebury and the White Horses as a quick introduction to some England-outside-London.