Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hedgerows in Winter

are open caskets of treasure.  When in full leaf they become mysterious thickets of life, drawing in the hand and eye, to part and peer at what delights there are within.  In Winter the covering of leaves has become the floor out of which the growth declares itself proudly in all its complexity. 
The chaotic shapes entrance, and yet we have a need to simplify, to order.  Although I have minimised the shapes in this lino print, it still conjures up the tangle for me.
I like this sparse mnemonic of what is crowded reality - Winter Hedgerow by Silvy Weatherall from here.
And this close-up piece of stark calligraphic juxtaposition of twig/thorn with berries from here.
Sometimes not only berries provide colour, but a few clinging or stuck leaves turned but not fallen bring a warmth when caught by the low sun as in Jacqueline Orr's Winter Hedgerow from here
Here is another lovely rendering in watercolour and charcoal pencil by Vivien Blackburnfrom here
And another by Tom Wanless, from No.40 here. He has more Winter trees and hedgerows here.


  1. Another wonderful selection. I love the Sylvie Weatherall: it's almost abstract in its simplicity. And I love the Norris, the expressive body language of the figure and the clear simplicity of the branches.