Friday, December 12, 2014

First it has to get worse ...

before it gets better!
The room exchange is in full swing now, except that our desks are still in place and functioning. 
Meanwhile I've been piling up all my stuff into my new room,
and spilling over into the bathroom too (this is an ex granny annex, and with no grannies any longer in residence, the bathroom is not in full use).
But I'm trying to keep the kitchen - my print area - calm and tidy.  My new drying rack is tucked up waiting for its first use.  I was so pleased that I managed to find one the appropriate size through an educational supplier.  They addressed me as a primary school, but it eventually got to me. 


  1. Moving is a lot of work but exciting too as you create a new workspace. May it be specially conducive to much new and exciting work such as prints - lucky you to have the room.

  2. You are right - it is exciting. The move is also a nudge to clear out so many items too. A positive all round.

  3. This looks like a really big change ... stimulating and exciting ... A new beginning?

  4. Well, it is good that the room exchange is coming at the change of years because it encourages a fresh look, and perhaps a fresh approach. Let's hope so.