Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Contemplating two views, .. then hibernation begins

In my memory the two seasons of Winter and Summer are times for two essentially linked views: outside in distinctive weather, and inside, out of that weather, but in a way that both inside and out are appreciated because of the other.  I feel that one of the differences between where I live now - in effect for what has been most of my life - in southern England, and my childhood in Scotland is that two view Winter. 
I did not realise this until a couple of years ago when my duodidactic friend and I went to see the exhibition Weaving the Century at Compton Verney.  Within that excellent and most memorable exhibition was a piece woven by Dovecote Studios from a painting by Victoria Crowe. (Image below from here)
The painting Two views is of the interior of Jenny Armstrong's cottage, looking out at the shepherd herself working in the snow.  It immediately struck me in the way that Matisse's Interior with violin had encapsulated the way I felt about the summer heat of Greece.
I had not encountered Victoria Crowe's work before, but have been much drawn to what I have seen since online.
Tree snow study (from here)
I very much admire her scrubby trees, and I am especially drawn to her combining of landscape and still life, or her division of the composition as in Two views, so that the eye and the mind each roams across so many associations within the one painting.
Rosa Proprina visits the Winter Garden (from here)

Now that it is Christmas Eve, we have brought in the tree, decorated it, made the evergreen displays and put up all the cards.  The fruit punch is mulling, and I am ready to settle into my hibernation.
I thank all those who visit this blog, and hope that all who read my ramblings have a good time over the holidays, re-charging their batteries for the beginning of the imminent new year.


  1. I too went to see that excellent exhibition at Compton Verney, but do not remember the Jenny Armstrong, so I am very pleased to see it here as it's so evocative. Merry Christmas, again, Olga.

  2. It is a quiet tapestry, Eirene, and it had a lot of competition in that room, Eirene, including Robin Philipson's very red piece with zebra.

  3. Happy New Year to you. Throughout the year I've so enjoyed your thought-provoking and interesting blog. It is always a pleasure visiting and this time is no exception. Those trees are beautifulI love the understated colour palette and the fascinating use of the in and the out in one piece.

  4. Thank you Margaret. I am glad that you like Victoria Crowe's work - it was a great discovery for me. Another of her paintings has also been woven and exhibited: Large Tree Group
    ( )
    It has had a bit of publicity, which I hope turns out good for her paintings too.

    Happy New Year to you too, and I look forward to reading about your stitching and other adventures in the year ahead.