Sunday, November 16, 2014

The rust age

Natural dyeing is so popular these days, and particularly the use of rust - just put the words rusted textile into Google and look at all the divers images that pop up.  I have written a short post about this in Ragged Cloth Café, but encountered so many more examples that I've continued here.
I particularly was interested to see what folks made of their rustings, and was struck by the following:
I really like the combination of indigo and rust in this piece by Jenny Bullen.  The image came from here.
And I very much like the combination of colours in this piece by Constance Rose.
Mixing the rust element with colour gives it another dimension, it is more than an end in itself -
although having said that, I do like this photo of rusted cloths hanging out to dry (from here).
I also like this checkerboard weaving of rusted cloth with batik by LuAnn Kessi.


  1. Rust dyeing has its attractions for me, though the time interval between starting and the end result of rusted cloth has always put me off.

    I like all these, though the shape, softness and depth of that lovely piece by Jennie Bullen especially makes me think ...

  2. The Bullen is certainly my favourite, Margaret. I do not dye at all, but I have been amazed at just how many folks are involved with staining with rust these days.

  3. These are so beautiful Olga, particularly the first image by Jenny Bullen - the combination of the two colours is stunning. I was not aware of this trend of using rust in dyeing but I'm very impressed with the results.

  4. I think I like the Bullen piece best, Eirene because the rusting is but a small though essential element.

  5. Now you've got me thinking about using rust again in my work. I'd forgotten how beautifully organic this is