Friday, November 14, 2014

Mellow yellow

November certainly rings the changes.  We awoke to steady rain, and it took a long time for the light to dawn this morning, yet here we are in glorious sunshine with not a cloud in the sky!  I dashed out without pausing even to put on a cardigan - though I suspect it will be chill once the sun goes down.
The grasses have developed highlights of yellow through buff to almost white.
A lovely contrast between the yellowed leaves and the darkening red sedum flowers.
More grass, with one of the cemetery oaks in the background.
As some plants are fading, so the mahonia is developing its buds.  By January it will be covered in sweet scented flowers and accompanying feasting blue tits.
A young hazel, planted by one of neighbourly grey squirrels.
One end of the beech hedge, allowed to grow taller to help disguise the electricity pole.
The other end of the beech hedge with some willows still with their leaves.  Without their leaves after some windy days are our black poplar to the left, and the cemetery sibling at the right back.
The dogwood on the edge of the wetland,
and across the wetland the yellow leaves still on willows in front of the Lombardy poplar, which was shaken leafless.  Note the blue sky!
The wisteria leaves are only just beginning to turn yellow, above the winter jasmine
which is blooming in the warm sun.


  1. My daughter told me once that nature doesn't make mistakes with her color choices. Not sure if I agree, but your pictures look spot on.

  2. Nature pretty much does a good job - I think that where the colours might not work is when we start playing around with the ingredients!

  3. I love the photographs - such an abundance of colours in nature in autumn - but it's the variety of colours and shades in the grasses that I found particularly pleasing.