Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thinking about grids

led me to thinking about deer fencing, and thence to the remainder of our fencing along that border.  The latter consists of now very old paling and wire fence which is more or less held up by the shrubs and ivy.  It needs replacing, but with the same, because although less effective, it is definitely more attractive than the straight grid. 
And that led to doodling a fence, which somehow with other thinking about grid structures, like baskets, led to this:
At this stage it is but a preliminary drawing - not much more than a doodle, but I do find it worth leaving in my files.


  1. thinking about stretching the grid as well...

  2. fun for endless possibilities, Jude - breaking out, breaking in, stretching, bending, ....

  3. Love following your train of thought and like where you ended up. Interesting visual connection between the fence & basket, additional interesting nonvisual ones play on my mind as well. Both can represent containment, separation, safety...lots to think about.

  4. Yes Sheila, I'm quite liking it too.