Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prolific enthusiast

J.M.W. Turner is a U.K. national treasure.  We are so fortunate that he spent so much of his time looking and capturing in pencil, watercolour, and oils so much of what was around him.  On Sunday we went to Tate Britain to see their exhibition Late Turner: Painting Set Free
Norham Castle Sunrise, one of my favourite Turner paintings was in the show.  I have known Turner's work for most of my life, but this exhibition showed me how superficial that knowledge is.  Familiarity is but mere acquaintance in this case, and my curiosity to learn more has been piqued.  It is interesting how recognising so many works has deluded me that I was familiar with them and their originator.  It is definitely time to find out more - although not this week as I have a bottleneck of online courses.  I shall start next week with the catalogue for this exhibition.


  1. Reading your post Olga makes me realise that I must go to see this exhibition. There is so much on in London at the moment, and so little time, that I thought I would give the Turner a miss, but you've made me realise that I must not. My knowledge of his work is superficial, and I obviously need to remedy this.

  2. I remember how thrilled I was to see some of the Turners in the National Gallery on our visit to London in 2009. Now I wish I could see this exhibition - lucky you!

  3. Eirene, I hope that you manage to fit everything that you want in. I agree that there's a lot on.

    Marja-Leena, we are spoiled here because the nation owns so much of Turner's work. We take it for granted mostly, however, as we all do of so much which is close to hand - and it took this special exhibition to jolt me into considering this. Next year I must spend more time visiting the Clore wing of Tate Britain, a space especially built to house the Turner bequest.

  4. This is on my must-see list. You make want to promote it to the top of my list.
    I'd love to know what online corses you're following. I think in many ways they are the best forms of study. They can be done when you've time and choosing the course to fit your needs seems easier.

  5. Margaret, I am pursuing FutureLearn courses, and three have coincided this week. Two on archaeology, and one on the oceans. There's another archaeology one in January.

    I hope that you enjoy the Turner.