Friday, October 03, 2014

Intense Wall experience

This sudden plunge into a rich input of information about the Romans at Hadrian's Wall is a wondrous experience for me.  Ever a hooverer-up of information, I am thoroughly enjoying this online course.  The bonus is that it fills up so much of my thinking that I no longer over-think my creative projects: decisions make themselves more satisfactorily at the back of my mind where the emotions can sort things out without too much interference from logical thought! 
It is also good to be thinking about areas which I do not expect to inspire creative work. 
Just a third of the way through this six week course I have been introduced to Hadrian, the topography of the area the wall would cover, the design of the wall and its component parts, a look at the artefacts found and what they might mean, the makeup of the Roman army in Britain, ....  So much introductory coverage that I can imagine that it will lead me to explore more on my own for some time in the future.
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There are so many comments from the folks all over the world on the course that it was a relief to find that I could restrict myself to a few whom I choose to follow.  Really the Internet has facilitated a wondrous means of learning, combining reading, videos, and links to sites which can inform even more.
Next week I shall see whether I can return to being able to keep more than one portmanteau subject in mind at the same time: I've signed up for Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology, which although only four weeks long, it runs simultaneously with Hadrian's Wall.  I'm looking forward to it.

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