Friday, October 24, 2014

Griddy meandering

On my way to the Post Office this morning I passed many grids, including a ladder which sent my thoughts off. 
I remembered a photograph by Todd Webb: a ladder at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu - the imagery is quite a cliché now, but this picture is one I still admire.  And of course there is the Georgia O'Keeffe painting
With these in mind, I also had the memory of a recent conversation I had had about flint mines and the ladders to get down having been reconstructed in a BBC programme like Dogon ladders.  This was summoned to mind as soon as I saw the dandelion leaves.
I was caught staring hard at them by a gentleman whom I regularly meet on the path to the Post Office - I was glad to have the other detail I had noticed as an explanation for my scrutiny: how fascinating that the leaf cuts range from extreme zigzag to almost no indentation at all.


  1. Amazing how you start seeing things in a different way once you start looking with something specific in mind. And thanks for the O'Keefe painting which I was not familiar with - it's wonderful.

  2. Looking from different perspectives is what makes life so wondrous.