Saturday, October 04, 2014

Fine rain

Looking at the sky this morning I decided to toddle to the post box before breakfast.  I pass the village pond on my way, and the two white ducks and the six teenage female mallards were under the overhanging trees.  They too were anticipating rain - the first steady rain for so long.  Contrary to folklore, ducks do not stand about enjoying a downpour!
Back indoors before the rain started I am now looking out, wishing that I could just capture the beauty of raindrops on the trees.  How they light up the berries on the hawthorn trees I'm looking at as I type this.  They draw attention to the elegant joints in the twigs that are doing their slow striptease.  Gentle rain, such a joy for the plants.
I found this photo here.


  1. Lovely photo. I too wonder how to capture raindrops...

  2. Sheila, sometimes I think that we should just enjoy, and not worry about capturing elements which are simply beautiful in themselves.

  3. It was a surprising pleasure this morning to wake up to the soft sound of rain falling after such a long dry period. I'd almost forgotten what the grey light of dawn on a wet morning was like.

  4. I do love that grey light, and find it more conducive to appreciating colour than bright sunlight.