Sunday, October 05, 2014

Disproportionate delights

For me, a good day is one made up of small pleasures: delights which can be savoured, which alter even a grumpy mood to positive.  One such pleasure is encountering lovely endpapers in a book, and I have just posted an article on Ragged Cloth Café about such.
The set of endpapers I would love to find is one made of fabric.  Has anyone come across such a thing?  I would have thought that the Collier Campbell Archive might have had a set as their fabric designs are such classics, but I expect that it is too difficult to handle in manufacture, not to mention too expensive for a mass market publication.
Does anyone know of fabric endpapers in an artist's book?


  1. No I don't - though I've noticed that many books published recently by Batsford have a textile based covering on their covers. 'Mark-making in Textile Art' by Helen Parrott in particular has a very appropriate soft and pleasurable feel in the hand that paper does not give.

  2. Yes, Margaret, although I do not know this book specifically, I would not be surprised if publishers went back to using cloth as a covering for hard bound books. I was thinking that cloth endpapers might be found in a small edition or unique artist's book. I shall have to look out for it in future.