Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"... the ambience that is the artist ..."

I spend a deal of working time at my computer, and as a kind of breathing space from the intensity of creating designs I scroll through the ethereal world of the Internet.  More than usually interesting, sometimes I encounter real gems, and yesterday afternoon was one such time.
Through The Textile Blog I was introduced to the first issue of Inspirational
 described in its own introduction thus:
Inspirational seeks to walk a different path, it wants to raise awareness of the artist as muse, as imaginative catalyst, the individual who uses the creative arts to gain insight from the world that surrounds them, but also to gain insight from the world within themselves and within all of us.
I was initially enticed by the mention of two artists whose work I have long much admired: Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, and Jude Hill.  Now, having bought and downloaded the first issue I am enjoying a lyrical introduction to artists new to me, as well as a beautiful re-introduction to fond acquaintances.
Each article is substantial, satisfying yet forming a basis for thought-pulling curiosity not only about the artist and their work, but about what inspires them and how any of that fits our own life experience and outlook, and au fond what inspires us.  The beautiful photographs which occupy at least half of the four double page spreads dedicated to each artist are of the work.  The work represents the artist who is described in a text which is a single eloquent voice throughout - both presenting a poetic portrait in which we are also invited to look for elements of our own view of life. 
Magazine as meditation.


  1. Artist as muse - now there's a striking thought! That is an interesting magazine....

    I'm familiar with Jude HIll's blog but it's been a long time since I visited Joanie's so thanks for the reminder.

  2. We are so often inspired by what people write and say, Marja -Leena, so why not by the work of visual artists? I have not read all the articles yet - I'm savouring the inspiration.

  3. This sounds like something to investigate and savour. Thank you for the reference. I will investigate further- perhaps for a short up-coming trip to Scotland. November North of the border usually calls for some pithy reading! I too follow Jude Hill's blog so it will be interesting to see what more there is to learn of her work.

  4. Margaret I hope that you find the magazine interesting. I have dipped in, an artist at a time - I think that the poetic approach might become a bit too much to be read cover to cover. It is good to have someone look at the artist's approach to their subject rather than focusing on the what and how of their individual pieces.