Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thinking follows instinct?

So often - well, indeed largely my designs are led by instinct.  When I pre-think too much it all gangs agley (goes wrong).  I'm happy with where my instinct takes me; but I should not rush it.  If I get going too quickly, or do not allow for enough back burner time, it turns out not quite right.
I did this with Shaping Autumn, and it has been bothering me ever since.  I concentrated too much on the cutting and the leaf and the background.  I rushed at what the figure was wearing.  There had been no illuminating instinct on that: thinking had to be brought in.  So, while stitching and doing various other stuff, I have been thinking about her and how she has been put in a position to shape Autumn. 
It then came to me: she is Summer. Obvious really when I'd thought about it! So I have chosen a range of summery colours that lead to the turning of Autumn, and I really like it now.


  1. yes. Summer dress is the answer!
    Don't you love inspiration led creativity?