Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seasonal overlap

We are enjoying a sunny period between seasons.  And it is real warmth developing as we look out at breakfast time.
The annuals still blossoming away while the trees are laden with ripening berries.
Meanwhile, indoors, I have been busy preparing lino plates. These are a few of those piling up ready for several days of printing to come.


  1. Those linocuts are so great, I love the dancing women

  2. I noticed in the paper today that temperatures are very similar in the UK and Greece at the moment. We are having lots of storms and it's noticeably cooler. So, enjoy...

  3. Karen, thanks. I am looking forward to seeing what those dancing women will do when it comes to the printing.

    Eirene, it is really warm at present. The windows have been open all week, and I am still wearing summer clothes. The vegetables are still cropping heavily too. I have noticed before that when the shores of the Med. are extra hot we seem to be chilly, and when it's cooler there we get lovely settled weather.