Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Yet another lovely dry day, and I'm thinking that I shall have to do some watering in the garden.  Meanwhile, today's task is proofing.  I have carved several linocuts, and want now to proof them in black just to see how happy I am with the design and the cutting. 
I have used newsprint for the proofs at this stage - with one exception.  I was curious as to how a print would look on scrunched cartridge paper.  This was a scrap from a previous experiment where I had scrunched paper onto which I had digitally printed some colour. (In my usual way I had scrunched and opened, scrunched and opened many many times, then ironed the paper flat.)
As expected, the lino print was broken up, as can be seen in contrast with the proof on newsprint - but I think it is an interesting effect nonetheless, and may find occasion to use scrunched paper in future.
By the way - my printing setup consists of underlayers of newspaper and newsprint, on top of which I put a piece I've cut from a sheet of Variera drawer mat from IKEA to stop any slipping of the top work layer which is a sheet of Perspex on which I ink.


  1. So interesting to see your proofs and how you are set up. Thanks for sharing, Olga! Bravo!

  2. Thank you, Marja-Leena. I am lucky to be able to use the annex now that we have no more parents to look after. I use the kitchen for my printmaking.

  3. Oo yeah - I like the effect on that scrunched paper. Cool beans, as a friend of mine would say. I have no idea where that expression comes from but do know when coming from him it's an extra positive response!

  4. Thank you Sheila. In fact I'm living off cool beans these days: I have an amazing harvest this year, and I pick, quickly boil, and have as salad with a whole range of other stuff. But I seem to have eaten French beans every day for months now - and no sign of the plants slowing down their production rate!

  5. Ah - you are reminding me of the days when I had a vegetable garden and a very prolific pear tree. There's a certain joy to walking out your back door (or wherever your garden is located) to pick what you need for the current meal. And then sometimes a weariness when there is more than one can keep up with and the preserving begins. I wasn't confident enough to can the excess beans but I found they froze quite nicely. My tomatoes did quite well - oh, I do miss the fresh tomatoes - and at the end of the season, I had several ways to use those that didn't have time to ripen. Between the zucchini and the green tomatoes, I didn't have to buy relish at the store for years! And I still can't find a store-bought pickle that stands up to the ones I made with my own cucumbers.