Saturday, September 13, 2014

mid September gleanings

We have had a period of dry warmish weather, and all the plants are ageing gracefully without any downpours to knock them over.  Strolling round the garden is a delight, interrupted only by waving the spiders' webs out of the way.  In the early morning sunlight I see long lines of silk attached from the tall oaks and poplar down to the table, pergola, or even to tall stems.  What acrobats - what industrious acrobats these spiders are!

I gathered a few leaves and seed heads (macleaya, geranium, nigella, clematis, fennel, and acanthus) for a mid September scan pressing,
and out of this image isolated a couple of Autumn bookmarks.
I have been entranced by the structure of the acanthus flowers as they grew, blossomed, and are now forming seeds.  From one fallen stem I removed some outer protective elements with which to play - starting with another bookmark.  Ouch! mind those spikes!



  1. Thanks for more examples of the cropping process & the reminder that one can arrange bits of nature for direct scanning rather than photographing. It's been so long since I've done it that I'd forgotten all about it.

  2. Scanning can be such a boon when the most interesting bits and pieces are all over the garden rather than beautifully placed together.

  3. Gorgeous autumn colours and your description of your garden made me think of what awaits us in two weeks' time when we return to the UK. Thanks

  4. We have been lucky with the weather for a couple of weeks, Eirene, and because it has been a sunny year we should have good colour. Lots for you to look forward to.