Saturday, September 06, 2014

Late Summer

This design has been puddling about in my pending files for a while, but I just had to get it done finally before launching into Autumn.
The blue chair


  1. My eye is hopping about your page comparing this, the 'autumn' ones and your image linking to your website. Quite the fascinating series of lone sitting figures. I wish I could see these in person, to see and feel the textures of your stitching and the scale.

  2. Thank you Marja-Leena - most of these autumn designs are still just digital designs and not stitched. Today's was completed digitally this afternoon. I usually let them 'stew' a while before I print them out on fabric. I have whole pile of work building up! I'm working a lot in A3 size for these individual designs. I do like the idea of making domestic sized pieces.

  3. Gorgeous colours and a very expressive form. I really like this a lot, Olga.