Friday, September 05, 2014


(image from here)
I often follow threads which lead me to great illumination.  Yesterday was such a day when I found this YouTube film
It was so exciting to see the artist Angela Cavalieri working on her huge lino print - the content, the techniques, and the final unveiling were superb.  All images of her work that I found have attracted me a great deal.  I love the concept of storytelling, love the link to old books, scripts, and printing, and I love that robustness of image and form.  I have been wowed - and fired  with enthusiasm, especially because I am due to begin some lino cutting (on a much much smaller scale!) next week.


  1. Thanks for that - marvellous - made me want to paint a floor! And the way the lino curled when cut ... ahhhh ...

  2. Margaret I have found this film really inspiring in all sorts of ways. Glad you enjoyed it too.