Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beautiful objects

I wonder, will our postcards and letters be treasured as the tablets found at the Roman fort of Vindolanda are?  And what will the future archaeologists think when written communication on paper stops in the 21st century?  Although I greatly appreciate and use email, I do regret the passing of paper communication.  I still write epistles by hand, choosing cards which I hope will please the recipient, but receive very few in return now. 
Vindolanda tablet TVII-120 © Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents and Trustees of The British Museum
On my course today I was delighted to be provided with this link to the Vindolanda tablets excavated at Hadrian's Wall, and their translations.  How beautiful they are as objects as well as a fascinating glimpse into how like us the folks who wrote them were.  And handmade marks of communication are rather like faces: they pull our attention and our curiosity.


  1. I'm sure your archaelogical studies will enrich your image bank and thus your art! I love archaeology as you know... I only wish I had your energy.

  2. Marja-Leena, the great thing about these online courses is that you can take as much of them as you want.