Thursday, September 18, 2014

A fertile period

I do so love this time of year.  It is always true that there are changes around in plants from day to day, but these days now - and somehow I feel it more than in Spring - the changes are quite beautiful.  The decaying too is beautiful, perhaps because the demise is a precursor to new birth.
It demands visual immersion and sparks so many ideas.  Just now I am trying to think only about my own experiences, but there is so much else going on that is disturbing between humans.  Helplessly, selfishly, I am trying to focus on my own tiny environment.
  - a design in progress which has come out of it all.


  1. It's difficult, isn't it? Balancing concern about what is going on around us, and at the same time trying to lead a good, fulfilling, contented life? We have a responsibility to ourselves to make the best of our time here, and this becomes more urgent as I get older. But at the same time....

    Your design does express some of this, I like it, Olga.

  2. Thank you, Eirene. It is indeed a difficult balancing act. I'm reading about Nancy Spero's art at present, and admire her political involvement and its manifestation in her work.