Friday, August 29, 2014

One minus (with side benefits) and one definite plus

Last year started with me drifting somewhat, and so I signed up for two external stimulae: the first was A Letter A Week 2013
I largely failed at that discipline, but I found that indeed the thinking did stimulate me, and I still have an ongoing project (in a layby at present) which partly grew out of that. I also learned again what I already really knew: that regular deadlines and my creativity just do not coincide!
The other stimulus was the Bookmark project.  I have always loved bookmarks and over the years have amassed quite a collection.  When on a strict budget, they are usually the item affordable in museum and gallery shops, and it is fun trying to match the bookmark to the book being read. 
I also print my own bookmarks for friends from time to time.  So this project fitted right in, and with it comes the bonus of receiving a whole bundle of other folks' bookmarks!
I have received my copies of this year's batch
which includes my own, and two of my favourites are by printmakers whose blogs I follow: Elizabeth Banfield and Jacqui Dodds.  All the bookmarks in this current project: XII will be put online next month sometime (here is a link to project XI's participants and their bookmarks).  The whole experience has been such a positive one for me that I've signed up again for the next bookmark project.


  1. Yes, and despite the Kindle I still have a great many physical books to put the bookmarks in!

  2. I find it interesting how you have cropped images for the bookmarks. And I love the last one with its quotation - perfect!

    Out of curiosity - what do you print them out on?

  3. Sheila I use a specialist paper for inkjet prints which has a surface like watercolour paper. It is thicker and double sided, just as the bookmarks are. I love cropping - I picked that up from the days of designing book pages when there was so often at first glance not enough space to fit in all the illustrations we wanted.

  4. Thanks for the info, Olga. I'd totally forgotten that one could get those specialty papers for inkjet printers. And I definitely think your publishing background gives you an edge over the rest of us when it comes to design! I personally find cropping my own work very difficult to do in spite of seeing such excellent results in other's work. Don't know why I have such an aversion to it.

  5. Sheila, one thing that you can try is have a shape cut out of a piece of card - a square or a rectangle - and try placing it over a bigger picture in order to find a cropped image. It's fun, and you can find gems in otherwise rejected drawings for instance.

  6. Another great tip that I do know about but don't think to try. I do something similar when looking at my photographs in Paint Shop Pro by drawing out a crop line and then moving it around the photo. Must start utilizing some of these designing ideas!