Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Envy - or inspiration?

Livia Marin: from Broken Things 2009 (image from here)
In looking for illustrations of Livia Marin's work I encountered an interesting blog which presents a treasure house of artists.  The Jealous Curator has a subtitle: Damn.  I wish I thought of that.  This made me think - I very rarely feel envious in that way, and can never understand when folks are envious of anything I'm doing.  We all have and do interesting and lovely things - we are so lucky to be able to enjoy and appreciate such a broad spectrum of activities.  
There is always something to learn from the work of others - learn, not copy directly - even if some technique or other aspect of the work can influence one's own work.  I so often am drawn to the work of those whose approach, style, or techniques are close to what I am trying to do; but I often am inspired by something apparently completely different.
Heather Shimmin: Lost II (image from here)
One such artist whose beautiful work and interesting techniques are intriguing me at present is the printmaker Heather Shimmin.  There is an interview with her here.
I am fascinated that these works are large linocuts on fabric - felt or organza.  The images have the same kind of appeal to me as maps of many kinds, the fine lines, the discovering of elements, the richness of using black and white, the intricacy, and the fun - and the depth and breadth of meaning / interpretations.
Heather Shimmin: A faithful friend (image from here)
Heather Shimmin: Suspended Anima - Minerva (image from this review)
Heather Shimmin: Swarm (image from here)
Heather Shimmin: She can skip (image from here)
Image from the exhibition The Wisdom of Birds - from here. Heather Shimmin's piece is at the right of image.
I find all the work so invigorating - this is what I call inspirational: it makes me want immediately to get down to my own work!


  1. Shimmin's work is fascinating, so detailed and rich with symbolism. Wish I could see her prints larger or in person. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Yes, Marja-Leena, it is marvellous to be able to see all this glorious work; but on the other hand it is immensely frustrating to see it so remotely. I too would love to see these pieces for real.