Saturday, July 05, 2014

The last of this batch

On Thursday I started the last of this tennis-watching batch of stitching.
This one, again printed on A3 silk, has a background which derives from prints I made from a zinc etching plate which I inked with differing placements and amounts of green and blue mix ink.  My theme was plankton and other tiny creatures, and I wanted to make them so much more noticeable than normal because they are so disproportionately important in life.
I made no pretence of melding the repeated blocks together, nor of tiling them precisely.  I wanted a controlled chaotic sense to the whole.
Below are three of the eight different inkings I did.


  1. I love the ink prints. They work very well together in your stitchwork with the divers. Controlled chaos - a great term!

    What will you do without the tennis? I don't follow it but did notice our headlines about the Canadian girl who made it to Wimbledon, but lost.

  2. Thanks, Marja-Leena. Without the tennis life will go back to normal! During the day I will be found in places other than in front of the television!
    Eugenie Bouchard, the Canadian in the women's final was defeated thoroughly I'm afraid. But her tennis has enthralled me through the weeks - and at the French Open too. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

  3. Making me homesick for the sea...

  4. Eirene, thank goodness in Britain we are never that far from the sea.