Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Productive tennis-watching

This is the fifth week of tennis-watching, and I am on my fifth piece of hand stitching.  Next week when the circus has moved out of town for a while (the Rogers Cup in Toronto at the beginning of August) I shall return to normality - whatever that is!
Last week - Sunday - I finished the stitching of Tender green.  This one is printed onto A3 prepared cotton which I buy from Crafty Computer Papers (I get my A3 silk from there too).  I have found that there is a chalky coating to the cotton which makes everything paler, so I use it for pale chalky designs now. 
I also decided to treat this one to a wider range of stitches: I have worked the blind drawing outline of the figure with corded quilting, and for the plant stems I have used a personal variant of the chain stitch.
Here the stitching is finished, but the finishing has not yet begun.
Yesterday I began Epilimnion. (Have you ever swum in deep water when the top layer is delightfully warm, but put a foot down toward the depths and a chill greets you? I remember a particular stretch of coast where we went when I was a child, and after I learned to swim would go out well beyond my bobbing aunts.  I loved the thrill of putting down my feet, or just a foot, to meet not only the colder water but also the long sea grasses and fish.)
This piece is printed on A3 silk, which takes the colour beautifully, and I use it quite a lot now.  It feels fabulous to stitch, and I'm using Stef Francis' Superfine Hand dyed silk. (I have outlined the swimmers with one strand of a multi-strand cotton which I found in my 'tangle archive'.  It did not have a label, but I suspect it was either an Anchor or a DMC cotton.)
Now I must set myself up with another piece of work to follow that, just in case I finish before the tournament is over.  Watching without work in hand just feels wrong - especially in the afternoon!


  1. I've been away again and feel I've missed so much on your blog - lots to enjoy, as always.
    Watching without work is impossible for me too - something about the Protestant work ethic perhaps.
    And the tennis has been so absorbing. We're off to France on Friday to spend time with our family. We could be forced to watch the tennis on their caravan television ... Is that a shameful admission?

  2. Margaret, perhaps we are both of an age when watching television was seen as an indulgence! Now of course, we are at an age when we have to make the most of every indulgence!

  3. Your memories of swimming in the sea, which are so similar to mine, are so beautifully expressed in Epilimnion. I this piece.