Wednesday, July 02, 2014

In today's newspaper

This morning I read an article in the Guardian newspaper which chimed so much with me. 
  Lavinia Greenlaw (from her website)
The poet Lavinia Greenlaw's article is entitled Why I love Eva Hesse - which immediately attracted my attention, as I am a fan of the artist's work.
In particular these sentences rang bells with my own practice:
It reminded me of the moment when a poem comes to me, when it's more of an imperative than an idea. I relish it as sensation before I have to dredge up language. Hesse's studioworks seem to me to sustain this ineffability.
  Eva Hesse (from the Guardian article)


  1. I read the article too, Olga, and really liked it. Eva Hesse is one of my favourite artists, so talented, with such vision, and who knows how her work would have developed had she lived longer.

  2. Eirene, I agree about Eva Hesse, and am grateful that she made as much work as she did. I enjoyed the article because of its philosophical approach to the act of creation, and the mental angles we share between mediums and creative categories.