Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blooms abound

This year we are having a summer, and these days we are enjoying the delights of many blooms. (And the lack of rain is providing my husband with lots of opportunities to remove the weeds!)
These clematis are right outside the dining room and catch the sun in the morning.
Tucked away on the tool shed is this clematis.
One of my favourite geraniums in the garden.  We have several, including the most prolific ! wild one.
A veronica.
The clematis in the herb corner.
Sheltered underneath on of the grasses, and facing the full sun the nigella and the sedums flourish.
The knautia was constricted a bit this year with ever-increasing aquilegias, but has done OK nonetheless.
Rogue snapdragons developed from the remains of plants which we have not seen for many years.
Another geranium nestled under the splendid macleaya leaves.
The macleaya's own flowers.
The acanthus with spirea froth amongst the berberis fronds.
This year the hydrangea is magnificent.
Annuals in the front where we are clearing out weeds before we replant.  I love California poppies.
In the shade of holly trees we have the striking combination of crocosmia Lucifer with lisimachia firecracker.
Mermaid climbing rose - not quite a rambler, but a shorter scrambler.
Another clematis.
And the hypericum which is right outside the attached annex.
Apologies for any fuzziness in the snaps, but it is rather breezy today.  However, we are expecting downpourish weather in the next couple of days, so I thought I'd catch the blooms before they are soaked.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for the garden tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms. I love clematis & was pondering just the other day if I could get some to grow at the end of my covered deck to provide a privacy screen.

  3. Marja-Leena, it is lovely at this time of year.

    Sheila, we are extremely fond of clematis - we have at least ten different plants. We have chalk soil, which is what they like. They like their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun.

  4. That's what I remember from the ones at my dad's house. I don't know about the chalky soil, but that space I'm wondering about would definitely be feet in the shade, head in the sun.

  5. Lovely, lovely blooms. It's all brilliant blue here - sky and sea - and I must say, I already miss lovely flowers. Your garden is obviously gorgeous Olga, despite (but also because) the deer. Enjoy!

  6. Eirene, the garden is lovely this summer, and we have not seen any deer for months. They have a lot to eat in the woods and fields around at this time of year.