Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back burner progress etc.

A short while ago I developed an image to stitch when my sea pictures ran out.  The last picture of it published here was this:
I was not completely happy with this however.  Somehow there was not enough of an audience, and also I was unhappy with the base border.  So it developed into this below which I have printed onto A3 silk and am already stitching.
Today I felt an itch to design.  The news, how we are informed about it, and how we respond to it, how it affects us, has been sloshing around in my mind for a while.  My work is most often an amalgam of allsorts of input - the thoughts (conscious or subconscious), new or previous drawing (often adapted), photographs, scanned work... all collected over many years, and frequently used again and again.  What comes out is an expression of how or what I think or feel.
With these ingredients:
  a design for a previous small stitched work,
  and a digital scribble done during an especially low time a few years ago
 I now developed this as my starting point (and which may well become a basis for a linocut later).
My 'crayons' to 'colour in' were the following:
 a scan of an embroidery design from at least 60 years ago,
 some notes I made when researching in an art library over 20 years ago,
  a photo I took this Spring, and
 the digitally developed extra element I had recently added to my last design. 
I came up with this, which I now have to keep on the back burner for a wee while:
 Read and recycle
After a short ponder, I have made a first edit:


  1. As Always, I enjoy these peeks into your thought processes.

    I really like 'onlookers'. The last image is lovely too, quite different from your usual work with its realistic background. It will be interesting to see how that one develops after it simmers on the backburner!

  2. Marja-Leena, I am enjoying stitching Onlookers. It is the work I have in hand while I watch television.
    I have already made a quick edit to the latest design. You are right about the realistic background. I'm not sure about it yet. I shall try to forget about it for a few days.

  3. You should be sure - the last piece is stunning. I thought the piece you did a few years ago when feeling low was very poignant and it 'spoke' to me, and it's good seeing it reproduced in the last piece: that particular bit not as powerful as the green and orange piece, but it fits in beautifully with the whole of the last piece (am I making sense? I hope so) which absolutely stunning. I also liked Onlookers a lot.