Monday, July 28, 2014

And talking of figurative ceramics

The artist whose work I would really like to see for real is Gertraud Moehwald (images here).
I was tremendously struck by a head she made (the first one here) when I saw it pictured in the magazine Ceramic Review, and immediately looked her up. 
I found that she had had an exhibition in Toronto in 2007, and I found this long article about her (please ignore the ad about quilting at the top of the page) - the Gardiner exhibition is the same as the Toronto one.
I find looking at her work even in photographs, small and obscure though the views might be, inspires me, enthuses me to keep looking at people and their emotions, thinking about the stories of human lives, ....  Maybe one day I will even see a piece for real.


  1. Like Claire Curneen's work, this is very interesting, Olga. Moewald' work is sort of cerebral and makes you want to see more and examine it closely. And it conjures up other worlds as well as work from the past, but with a very modern take. Very interesting. Like you, I would love to see it in the flesh, so to speak, or should I say in the clay!

  2. I love the solidity and yet vulnerability of her sculptures.