Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When I'm focussed on one thing ...

... it's as if in the back of my mind cogs are working away on something else.  Or perhaps it is just as Margaret Cooter says: ideas come when the hands are busy.  I have been stitching away at the third sea-inspired work this week. 
Nearly finished, I have been vaguely wondering what I should go onto next, ... and then while making adjustments to Siren song, inklings of this came along,
which of course I pursued.  It's not quite there yet, but I like the beginning.  Sometimes I have to let ideas simmer a bit longer, and sometimes they need to be tried before they slip away again into the ether.
By the way, I was bothered with the position of the hands after I'd mirrored Siren song, and am much happier with her back facing the way she was originally. 


  1. That blue is stunning, Olga. It makes me think of the lapis lazuli blue that was used for the Virgin's cloak in religious imagery in the 19th century (?) so vibrant and in those times too expensive to use for anything else. I love the whole image.

  2. Thank you Eirene. The blue is from a pastel work on paper I made a few years back. I too am drawn to blue in all its manifestations and variations. I am also lucky enough to have a beautiful lapis ring made by a late jeweller friend.
    This design is very much a summer-inspired one. I am still working on it, and in fact the areas of blue have increased - at least for now.