Monday, June 02, 2014

Tennis prints

These days I am occupied stitching as I watch the tennis.  Thinking about a favourite printmaker: Cyril Power, I tracked down these two wondrous versions of his tennis linocut:
Tennis: linocut c.1933, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
Tennis: another print of the linocut c.1933 from here which has more information about Powers.

I'm just left exhausted by just looking at the energy in Powers' work - but I love it.   Meanwhile, I completed stitching one small piece during the first week of the French Open - and am now started on the next one.


  1. How wonderful these are ... I especially love the second with its spectacular sense of movement and those glorious colours.
    Enjoy the tennis ... and may Andy continue to triumph (or is that asking too much?)

  2. Yes, Margaret, the net makes so much difference, pulling the whole composition together.

  3. Being able to capture movement is such a way... Wonderful...

  4. Yes, Eirene, it's a skill I much admire.