Saturday, June 07, 2014

Sunshine after the storm

This morning we had thunder and lightning and short bursts of heavy rain, but now the sun is shining.  Out of my workrooms the views are mostly of greens, but other colours are fast coming through.
When I completed my lino plate a couple of weeks ago, the view from the kitchen print room included the last of the hawthorn blossom.
Today, from the sewing room at the back - also looking towards the hawthorns - the alliums and lavender are doing well, as is the  unruly borage, and some bindweed!
The long view over the neighbouring land includes a flowering buddleia and a wild rose behind it in the middle distance.
From the front window of the sewing room I have the rose Dortmund already flowering up against the glass, and with lots of buds this year,
and lots of kniphofia heads about to flower.


  1. What a joy to see a rose that doesn't have blackspot! And I love that view from the underside.

  2. Margaret, I enjoy looking out through the rose. We do not have blackspot on our remaining roses - all climbers - but several others died because the deer kept eating the leaves!

  3. Lovely photographs, Olga. Looking closely at your window sill makes me wonder if you have the same fascination as I do with water birds made out of wood or clay - I find something irresistible about them

  4. Eirene, the two ducks at the extremities of the pic. are made of wood and are both from Jakarta when I was working there. The one up on its feet was a present. I do like birds and have quite a few of them, not necessarily only water birds.