Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Production line

My mind has been buzzing with allsorts for a while: thought-provoking reading (especially the Seeing Things collection of essays), writing the Sea post for Ragged Cloth Café, items on the news and in the newspaper, ... and chatting to the hairdresser, ... as well as thinking about my most recent swimmer based design.  I have now printed out that last onto silk, and it will be ready to stitch during Wimbledon watching next week.
But playing about with the final tweaks on that developed into ideas for a new design out of the scan of one of my collagraph prints with a design for a lino print. 
I'm not sure about this one yet, but I'm relatively pleased with it, and I have an idea about how I could stitch it, but it needs to sit and stew for a while yet.
Fiddling about with that this morning, I just started following instructions from the be-buzzed brain and came up with a design which is probably not suitable for stitching.  I normally abandon such designs, or store them for later cannibalisation, but this time I might just make it a digital print.
The strange thing is that it is based on a photograph I took of fat on a frying pan!


  1. A very busy time for you, and the results are stunning and each one so different from the one before. I love the two figures with the sphere, Epilemnion and Hope is just so lovely. You must feel really pleased.

  2. I love the balancing figures with the spectators.
    I am sure hope could be stitched if you think about it.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  3. Thank you Eirene, a busy designing time when I should be doing different things - but I do indeed feel relatively pleased.

    Sandy, thank you. It is true that once a design has been hanging about for a while sometimes a stitching approach suggests itself.

  4. So many wonderful ideas emerging from your busy creative mind, Olga! I love them all but the last one is most amazing, and from such odd inspiration - love that!

  5. I love the balancing gymnasts too and Hope at the end - she's beautiful - contemplative and with thoughts for her future ...

  6. Marja-Leena, thank you. Yes, it just goes to show that photographing odd things can be useful!

    Thank you Margaret.