Sunday, June 08, 2014


The French Open is now over, and next week - tomorrow, Queen's will begin.  In the meantime I have finished the 90s articles in Seeing Things by Alison Britton.  What a thought-provoking collection of essays it is!
I started reading Crafts magazine in the mid 70s, and when soon after I was working in London I would spend my lunch hours visiting just as many craft galleries as art exhibitions - if not more. 
  Two-part vessel from here
Alison Britton's ceramics were some of the many that I admired from those days.  I always enjoyed her writing too, and so it is a pleasure to read this collection which takes me back to those exciting days, as well as providing me with thoughts which I can apply to the world I now see from a different perspective.
 Early jug form from here
She started me thinking about 18 months ago when I visited an exhibition at the Crafts Study Centre in Farnham, and wrote a post.  Once more I'm experiencing the spiral of progress, where from a different level I look back at where I once was.

In two weeks I have completed two of the sea scribble pieces and am well into the third which will see me through this coming week's tennis.

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