Friday, June 27, 2014

Meandering again

I have been developing various bits of pastel on tissue over the past couple of weeks to use as chine collés on different print projects.  Of course this leads to experimentation and results which just need to be torn up - but not always thrown away.  Sometimes I play around sticking bits together.
I sprayed fixative on this even though it was too thick to use with a print, and I was not sure that I even liked it at all.
While I was tidying up some image files a couple of days later I came across a scan I had made of a drawing from the life class I took at the beginning of the year.  It was from the day of clothed models when the professional model did not turn up.  My brain started to make connections, and so I scanned the pastel and got to work.
With a bit of judicious cropping, I was relatively pleased.  What resulted even brought a title to mind, so with a bit more work it is possibly a keeper: Portrait of a man with a colourful background.


  1. I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the drawn man against the tissue background. It's unexpected. Title is perfect.

  2. Thank you Jenny. The background is thicker paper than tissue in this case. Although I was mostly working with tissue, I usually use up remaining little bits of pastel on whatever spare offcuts I have lying around.

  3. Great combination of figure of man and background. I would love to see this in the flesh so to speak.

  4. Thanks Eirene. The individual original elements are in a physical state, but at present the combined result is still digital. So, no flesh yet!