Thursday, May 01, 2014

The North wind will blow ...

After the unexpected sunshine and warmth it was inevitable that the Scotch Mist would return, and so it was dull when we set off for the North Aberdeenshire coast.
My introduction to Gardenstown was pure fluke.  A couple of years ago I was idly googling 'artists' retreat' when I happened across this website, and was intrigued by the place. 
So, now that we are here, off we went to have a look.  It is an incredibly steep town, dropping down to a working harbour, but all was quiet and very cold when we visited.  We enjoyed walking around, however.
Later on our way to Findlater Castle we stopped at Sandend - and were amazed to see a couple of surfers
Sure, the breakers were big, but it was COLD!
It was blowing bitterly as we walked to Findlater Castle - well, I trudged along on my forbearing knees stopping to look at the dovecot on the way
- but was well rewarded by the view.  Nigel went right down, but I was happy to look from the top. 
...and it will bring snow
Sure enough, when we awoke the following morning, our view of the Tap O'Noth was coloured white!


  1. Bitter, but beautiful really Meabh.

  2. Breath taking sea views - I am jealous.

  3. The water may be bitterly cold up here Eirene, but the beaches are spectacular.