Tuesday, May 20, 2014


does not have to mean being totally solo. 
Extra dimensions enhance the experience: contrast, balance, harmony, echo.
 Each brings out the beauty in the other.
So, with my double bass I shall have a saxophone from before - who never quite made it as a soloist then.  These are my new ingredients:


  1. I'm fascinated by the sinewy shapes of the saxophonist ... Where is this going?

  2. I'm not completely sure where it's going. A lino print first, if it works out. Anyway I've started cutting a design and have started mulling what surface I might print it on.

  3. Nice contrast in the photos of natural shapes and textures, with the sinewy lines of the figures. How good to start on making a print - the holiday break must have been restorative and inspiring!

  4. Marja-Leena, this holiday has been more of a punctuation point than I had anticipated. I'm not exactly sure yet how my work will be affected, but I feel calm and positive - which is great.