Friday, May 23, 2014


I really like the vinyl for cutting out 'lino' plates.  Not only are they a joy to work, but they also have the bonus of being double sided.
This is my plate partially cut away. 
After I had the main details dealt with I started using cutting tools that I had bought for using on plywood: hot knife through butter!  I guess that my lino tools need sharpening!
Because I was so pleased with the black that I tried at the end of last year, I have ordered some more Caligo Safe Wash inks.  The black took a little longer than I expected to dry, but I do not mind that now that I am aware of it.
Meantime I am in the middle of my least liked activity involved in making a quilt: putting the back on - especially when it's a large quilt.  My way of stitching causes the fabric to bunch/pull out of true which makes squaring off the edges somewhat of a pain for me.  I need more space, a bigger table, a longer rule, ... or just an assistant!  Hey ho, displacement activity over - back to work!


  1. I love the interplay of shapes in the linocut ... and thanks for the tip about Caligo inks. I will investigate.

  2. I shall be holding off on the lino printing for a few days anyway as I have a pile of stitching to do - just in time for the French Open! I love multi-tasking!