Monday, May 05, 2014

On our day of transition

from Aberdeenshire to Sutherland we had a look at the Black Isle, and in particular Cromarty.  This plan was strengthened by my reading of Peter Davidson's comment in Distance and Memory that Cromarty has some of the best preserved architecture in Scotland, untouched by succeeding generations.  This blog also has many fascinating photographs.
Here are a few of my snaps:
I love this one with the detached little room/shed.
This house was built by a merchant so that he could watch his ships come in.  However, he fell out with his brother who promptly built an almost sham slim house right in front, so that the view was blocked!  Family relationships!
This house has extra decoration.
This is another ice house:


  1. Did you go across on the Nigg Ferry, the shortest crossing in the UK, and see the wonderful stones on the other side?

  2. No Judith, unfortunately the ferry does not start until the end of May.

  3. The Black Isle is a wonderfully peaceful and unspoilt place - delightful.
    When going to Elgin, did you find the lovely little fishing village of Portsoy - another pleasure! Thank you also for the link to the art courses at Gardenstown. Maybe I will investigate further sometime!

  4. Margaret, there are so many delightful places along that coast. We did not particularly visit Portsoy on this trip.