Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green, mostly

It is Chelsea week, and generally we have been thinking about gardens, so we decided to go over to West Green House garden for a visit (and lunch).  We very much enjoy this garden, and are fortunate that it is but a few minutes' drive away.  I think of it as a calming green space, and although today there were far more visitors than we normally encounter it was easy to feel almost alone most of the time.
A fairly new meandering area of iris, ferns, willows is developing well:
I love the way the bright green appears when looking out from the deep shade:
The water gardens with the spaced birches are lit up on opera nights, but they can be enchanting in daytime sunlight too.
There are lots of box hedges keeping a formal control round informal spillings out.
The planting mix works so well here, planned and unplanned - such as the forget-me-not with hosta,
ferns with ?ground elder,
bearded iris with geranium and cow parsley,
iris sibirica with carex pendula, ....
These formally cut santolina are just about to burst into flower,
while the euphorbia are at the end of their flowering and seeds are forming.  
Most of the greens are subtle variations on a theme, with shapes and shadows adding interest, but the crambe leaves are rich deep dark shades providing a stunning contrast to their pale stems and white flowers.
  The whole garden is a delightful mix of contrasts and complements, formal and informal.


  1. This looks like a wonderful garden, Olga. It's such a wonderful time of year for walking about isn't it? The water garden looks beautiful, and I love iris wherever I come across them. The different shades of green that look so fresh in the sunshine, and the play of light and shadow....all just so pleasing.

  2. It is a garden we very much enjoy visiting at least once every year. It has the feeling of being one person's garden, and a developing one. Of course there are gardeners employed, but they do not keep everything regimented - the weeds creep in and make it all delightful.