Sunday, May 04, 2014

After the snow: catching the sun!

This trip is turning out to be quite an adventure weather-wise.  We set off for Spey Bay on a glorious day. 
We did not see any dolphins, but we had a walk along the estuary and river Spey (some walking far further than others who soon sat in a sheltered spot just at the back of the ice houses
(used to pack the salmon before sending them on to market) and definitely caught the sun!
This is the building that the Whale and Dolphin Conservation folk now use as their café and shop etc.
I was amazed to see a flock of birders suddenly descend in their vehicles, and clutching their scopes and their vacuum mugs they all rushed to see what there was to see before dashing off to some other location.  Such weird behaviour.
The sun was also strong when we went to Elgin to see the Cathedral
So strong in fact that I could not make out much of the carving on the back of this Pictish stone.  Just enough to confirm that the Christian symbols were on one side, and other symbols including horsemen were on the other.
There was a wedding going on in the chapter house, so we did not get to see the ceiling until everyone was outside having their photos taken.


  1. It all looks so spectacular Olga and you are obviously having such a good time. A perfect break in line with all your reading and researching about the north.

  2. Yes Eirene, but as I was just dipping up until now, I feel that I will enjoy reading properly now.